Pommerscher Verein Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt
Pommerntag Facts
Pommerntag 2023!
In English, Pommerntag means "Pomeranian Day."
Always held the last Sunday in June, this is a one-day
ethnic festival held at Rotary Park in Mequon, Wisconsin.
Pommerntag will be held on Sunday, June 25, 2023 at Rotary Park
from noon to 5:30 p.m. with
music and dancing,
indoor cultural displays and genealogy research,
and of course,
beer, soda, and delicious German food.
(See map below for location.)
Pommerntag has its own Facebook page.
Even if you are not "on" Facebook,
you can still view the page and find more details.
Rotary Park, 4100 W Highland Road 128N, Mequon, WI (use the entrance at the east end of the park.)